Can’s ProFi Ignite EOS DeFi?

DeFi started on Bitshares, but most of the capital and users eventually migrated to Ethereum. ETH, however, grew heavily congested amidst the recent DeFi hype. This congestion produced slow transactions and high network fees. These obstacles created an urgent desire for faster, cheaper blockchains. Since many retail investors can’t afford to pay the fees necessary to participate in ETH’s DeFi, they started testing other blockchains. The DeFi growth on other chains indicates we could see a multi-chain DeFi future. This multi-chain future is not a sub-zero game, but certain blockchains may cultivate a settlement layer for interchain communication. EOS is one blockchain to potentially mirror a DeFi hub for this multi-chain evolution. There are three key factors for EOS to actually grow into this core, blockchain settlement layer. (1) EOS creators,, are launching a long-awaited financial product to ignite EOS DeFi. (2) Current blockchain devs and users are searching for better DeFi functionality. (3) DAPP Network, the most technically advanced middleware solution, built a strong foundation on EOS.

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