EOSweekly: Hackathon Deadline, EdenOS Roadmap, Google Cloud, Chainflux, Blankos

EOSweekly is a roundup of recent news within the ecosystem. Unique needs and services continue to emerge as the advantages of blockchain technology are realized. Easy access to information becomes increasingly important for these expansive networks.


EOSIO Hackathon April 6 Deadline

Only a few days left for the EOSIO Hackathon. Block.one sent out the submission deadline ALERT earlier this week. Here's the testnet link alongside several other useful resources. The EOS community as a whole is excited, and it’s not just the recent rally. The Hackathon was praised for driving the price. Let’s also not forget Dan Larimer’s leadership, recent productivity, and engagement at eoscommunity.org. Many other developers, like EOS Authority, Greymass, and Chintai continue to facilitate growth and networking across the ecosystem. 

Proposed Roadmap for EdenOS and the Community

The EdenOS Roadmap was proposed by Dan Larimer in Q2 2021 with the support of EOS Alliance. It brings a needed governance system for the continued growth of the ecosystem in its original vision. The proposition includes the use of 1.9 million EOS from the eosio.ramfee account once EdenOS initiates 1000 members (followed by the first election). EOS Go also provided a summary. For those who missed the last Q&A, EdenOS telegram meeting notes from March 29 are available. Dan has also scheduled a Q&A for Monday April 5 at 10 AM. Responding to an EOS Nation (#97) discussion with Yves La Rose: 

It is great to see so much development. #EOS community is strong and growing!

How EOS Impacts Life Right Now

Dan Larimer praised the work of ecurve.finance. He also took the time to elaborate on some economic pitfalls like the 1% transaction fee. This included how savings can offer substantial leverage over earnings. Colin Talks Crypto added to the topic of microtransactions by creating a basic illustration of the dangers of Bitcoin falling into the trap of the Fractional Reserve Banking System. EOS' recent development are an inspiration already yielding positive returns:

...Yep, I love what I'm capable of doing with $EOS ...from the #EOSMarketplace community in #Venezuela Adoption is real and applicable…

Chainflux Innovates Supply Chains

Supply chains are at the heart of blockchain technology. Where the Internet put all the world's books at our fingertips, blockchain secures virtual assets. To do so, it must forge a connection with the real world. No wonder why so much early interest from traditional businesses was directed toward supply chain innovation. Chainflux enhances traceability and improves compliance using Proof of Authority. This is among the earliest applications of blockchain, in that, an increase in efficiency and management is near instant. By combining privacy with selective sharing, Chainflux inspires dynamic applications at the steady pace required by established companies.

Google Cloud Makes its Case for Blockchain

Blockchain will undergo much more innovation before it’s fully integrated into society. Hybrid applications are being looked at by mainstay companies like Google Cloud. System peers expect to synchronize more quickly with higher transaction throughput. Overall, Google Cloud believes that DLT can provide strong, integrated networks for trust and coordination. EOSIO's proven efficiency, speed and scalability is a model solution. Combine innovation in Confidential Computing, AI, and data analytics and exciting opportunities emerge:

...by executing DLT smart contracts within a trusted execution environment, machine learning accelerators such as Cloud TPU can be used for DLT coprocessing...

Chintai’s Automated Resource Management and EOS PowerUp Auto

The EOSPowerUp interface went live on March 28. Regular users and aspiring developers expect to make use of the auto feature and account watch lists. Chintai issued its own alert regarding resources. It directed the tweet at users of Coinbase, Binance and Bitfinex. Another testament to the outstanding EOS expansion currently ongoing. Users can prepare themselves via its Automated Resource Management tool. Chintai offered to help Coinbase get set up and was instrumental in solving issues for Kraken. A detailed description of the new tool is provided here.

Blankos Block Party Enters the Limelights

The team over at Blankos leaked its NFT pitch. This comes the same week it enters the breakfast cereal industry (BLANK-Os). The Blankos buzz is a constant flux of departing and arriving unique characters- with the next transition set for April 7. While this week’s focus should've been on the Content Creator Crew, beloved shopkeeper Chauncey took control to release a promo. PlayBlankos Security quickly responded to let the community know of the unauthorized feed. The apparent April Fools joke / advertisement stole some of the attention from the live streams on Twitch and Caffeine, as well as a spectacular Lost Souls Build Challenge run through.

Cryptowriter Status Update

Since 2018, EOSwriter remains a part of, informs, and engages in the community. The rapid growth of the Cryptowriter community, not the least of which includes NFT development, brings new opportunities. Here's a link to our growing libray of content. Subscription is free. Also remember, active community members can earn their own membership cards with NFT airdrop privedges. Don’t forget to check out the new CryptoFinney stories, why you should care about NFTS, and Shift.


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